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Barco is a global company that provides important
presenting solutions in many sectors, including
medicine and entertainment.

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Why choose Barco Clickshare?

Barco is a trusted global technology company that works in more than 90 countries. Barco is known for innovation and owns more than 300 patents. In its 80 year history Barco has developed presentation solutions that transform people's lives, in commerce, manufacturing, government and public sectors, and entertainment. Barco's wireless presentation solution, ClickShare, is hugely popular with users as it is the simplest and most reliable product on the market.

ClickShare is better business technology:

  • No network dependency
  • Smooth video sharing (up to 60fps)
  • Perfect simultaneous audio
  • Extended desktop and mirror mode
  • Simple to integrate
  • No software download required

ClickShare is better for users and presenters:

  • Press a button or use the App to present instantly
  • Save hours of meeting management time
  • Single and multiple presenters with content sharing
  • No training required, totally intuitive
  • No IT support required
  • Present even from locked-down, secured devices

Removing barriers to participation

  • Anyone can present
  • Present from any device
  • BYOD friendly
  • No software, no set-up
  • Super user-friendly

Meeting efficiency

  • Press a button to start
  • Universal OS compatibility
  • No cable management
  • No switchover downtime
  • No technical help needed

Meeting productivity

  • Supports audio
  • Supports video
  • Fluid meeting dynamic
  • Attendee engagement
  • Productive minutes

Why use Barco Clickshare