Telepresence, immersive video conferencing

Telepresence has become a much used word in today’s audio visual market place and it now means anything from standard video conferencing technology to high end telepresence conferencing suites.

So, what actually is telepresence? Telepresence solutions use video and audio conferencing components as well as other media enhancements to create a two-way, interactive communications experience that simluates a meeting as if the other meeting participants were in the room.

Immersive, telepresence video conferencing is distinguished by several factors that create heightened engagement and competitive advantage.

  • High-quality audio and video
  • Simplicity
  • High reliability
  • Environmental excellence
  • Enhanced sense of attendee presence
  • Multiple attendees from multiple locations

A successful telepresence experience requires more than just a successful video connection. The whole environment must create a reasonable simulation, or illusion, that the remote participants are in the same room as each other. sometimes realpresence.

Participants are life-size. Every sound, gesture, and facial expression supports natural face-to-face communication.

Joining multiple telepresence calls creates a single, exclusive meeting space. Intuitive functionality like touch screen interfaces allows you to bring in other sites and presentations very easily without the technology getting in the way.

Carillion conferencing and telepresence systems

Carillion Communications is an independent adviser, supplier and installer of leading brands of video conferencing and telepresence systems, conferencing and communications services. Carillion works closely with manufacturers to achieve the highest possible standards and functionality so you receive a totally reliable installation that generates a ‘wow’ factor among staff and customers.

Video and telepresence becoming mainstream

Changes in the AV industry in recent years have seen video communication become far more mainstream than previously. The acquisition of Tandberg by Cisco and LifeSize by Logitech and the emergence of new manufacturers confirms the maturity of the market for video and has brought prices within reach of most businesses. It is no longer just the technology evangelists who promote video conferencing and telepresence. Remote, face-to-face, collaborative and immersive communication are becoming a “must have” that is central to business practice.

Carillion Communications supplies customers with the best in video conferencing and telepresence advice, products and systems in a way that guarantees a predictable return in investment (ROI).

Please get in touch to discuss any questions you have about telepresence solutions and immersive video conferencing.


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