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Choosing an experienced Technology Integration supplier for Audio Visual and Video Conferencing solutions is essential to ensure that you get a full return on communications technology investments.

Carillion Communications is experienced in a full range of Communications technology: Projection, Video, Video Walls, IP TV, Display, Whiteboards, Digital Signage, Systems Control, Room Design, Telco Management, Room Booking Management, Project Management, and more.

Our focus is on improved communication through wider and deeper integration; in-house, multi-site and global conferencing; enhanced hospitality and visitor experience; improved presentation and training facilities; and the best possible staff, customer, partner and supplier collaboration.

Deep technology integration is needed to make sure that new installations work with legacy systems. Effective AV and VC technology integration mean that staff and the business can achieve what they need to achieve with technology as an integrated enabler, rather than a hard-to-use or sometimes-works bolt-on to the business.

Carillion technology integration empowers people; the solutions we design or manage are known for their ease of use, interactivity and centralised control.

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You’ll find client feedback about Carillion on our Carillion team and cartoon pages. You can also read case studies and watch videos of clients talking about their integration challenges, for example Softcat’s new build, Giles Travel's office refurbishment or ECWMF's legacy integration.

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Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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