Collaborative working space technology, AV, VC and interactive systems, Onsite and Cloud

Technology today enables progressive companies to be genuinely collaborative: staff, customers, partners and suppliers can all communicate, share and amend information in real time.

Carillion Communications helps companies to understand their communication technology options and make the most of unified communications and intuitive, collaboration tools to maximise productivity and, ultimately, profits.

Many organisations still have a need for formal conference and meeting spaces that are designed to accommodate large group work processes, efficient exchanges of information and decision making.

However, collaboration has fundamentally changed in that staff have become accustomed to inclusive, social engagement, and organisations can exploit new technologies to achieve operational excellence.

New collaborative communications technologies focus on process efficiencies such as the speed and accuracy of group decision making.

Innovation is stimulated through informal, social, creative interactions. A combination of changed employee expectations of group work and emerging company needs is leading to the introduction of exciting new collaborative workspaces.

Carillion helps companies to design for their working culture and operational needs, from meeting rooms to huddle spaces, using Cloud management systems when appropriate. Carillion is an elite partner of many of today's distributed content systems (see Surface Hub) and is highly experienced in room design and installation.

Have a look at this video which covers the case of a customer whose legacy collaboration systems had fallen into disuse. They now enjoy all the productivity advantages of innovative collaborative spaces featuring, among familiar AV and VC technologies, IPTV and video walls, Softcat.

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Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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