Modern meeting room design AV productivity

Modern meeting room design, AV productivity

Modern meeting environments

Start meetings with a single touch, enjoy clear and bright presentations and involve colleagues and customers, locally or around the world.

Presenter and equipment switching, tangled cables, dim presentations and the need for specialist technology skills made historical meetings tedious and inefficient when compared with modern meeting room environments.

The AV technology and design opportunities available for meeting rooms now is a joy for companies interested in productive collaboration and competitive advantage.

Well designed, digitally enabled meetings are more productive with:

  1. Faster idea development and better understanding using collaborative technologies

  2. Better information sharing, in room and remotely, with instant content access and automated records of important discussions and decisions
  3. Improved training, project management in more immersive environments
  4. Enhanced decision making with closer communication via clear video conferencing and/or audio systems supported by highly flexible presentation technology
  5. Centralised content control and remote room management
  6. Staff development in presentation and communication skills

Find out more about one of the latest collaboration tools, Microsoft Surface Hub

You’ll find examples of Carillion modern meeting room AV enironments in our video case studies. Videos show huddle spaces, boardrooms, lecture theatres video walls, IPTV and AV comms tools in a sales environment. Softcat’s new build, Giles Travel's office refurbishment or ECWMF's (Weather Centre) legacy integration.

Please get in touch to take advantage of Carillion Communications' experience in modern meeting room design and ergonomic spaces that promote productivity and are simple to use and maintain.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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