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Ergonomic AV room environments

Carillion Communications designs and installs AV room environments that become focal points to help organisations communicate effectively and improve productivity.

Carillion works with businesses and organisations to understand their needs and to advise on their AV environments. Our solutions are resilient and we offer managed maintenance support to ensure service continuity and a full ROI.

Boardrooms/office design and installation

Carillion ensures the performance and reliability of equipment that is central to boardroom and corporate communications. Customers gain the full benefit of time and cost saving technologies optimised to its full potential.

Carillion works with customers to provide functionality and style that reflects your business, operations and brand. Ease-of-use is one of Carillion’s watch phrases, so you can concentrate on business activity, rather than on technology.

Video walls

Video wall installations provide the communications focus for many of our customers, and sometimes double as a social focal point.

Our control room solutions deliver high resolution, exacting performance and day-in, day-out reliability that is demanded by high pressure industries.

Contact centres

Contact centres form an important part of company’s customer service and sales activities. Audio and visual technologies play an important role in maintaining high customer satisfaction levels and financial performance.

Wall boards, screens and IPTV can all play a part in effective communications and maintaining performance.

Auditoria and large venues

Carillion have worked on many prestigious auditoria used for seminars, conferences and lectures, in which the presenters enjoy sound and visual clarity.


Retailers, take advantage of audio visual technology for sales promotion, staff and customer communications. The ability to control multi-site AV end points centrally gives retailers a flexibility that allows them to work locally.

You’ll find examples of Carillion AV room enironments in our video case studies. Videos show huddle spaces, boardrooms, video walls, IPTV and AV comms tools in a sales environment. Softcat’s new build, Giles Travel's office refurbishment or ECWMF's (Weather Centre) legacy integration.

Please get in touch to take advantage of Carillion Communications' experience in every type of AV room environment and creating ergonomic spaces that are simple to use and maintain.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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