Audio visual technology for distributed workforce

Audio visual technology for a distributed workforce

Audio visual technology means that your distributed workforce stays 'in the loop'

Today's audio visual technology brings people working in difference locations much closer together. It can feel as though you are working in the same room. Carillion Communications advises on and installs next generation collaboration tools that facilitate employee and customer engagement, and group productivity.

Opportunities exist to extend your current infrastructure and the company's productivity. When you invest in new equipment or systems Carillion ensures that they integrate seamlessly with back-end controls so management is simple and centralised.

Video conferencing at room or desk level make face to face meetings easy to set up and are highly participatory.

Today's online, HD collaborative screens are capable of displaying multiple information formats from multiple devices. Real-time technologies are perfect for companies serious about collaboration.

Audio visual technology for a distributed workforce:

  1. Creates better participant understanding

  2. Enables real-time information sharing
  3. Facilitates group work and idea sharing

You may be interested in one of the latest collaboration tools on the market, Microsoft Surface Hub

Watch videos of how some of Carillion's customers use AV technlogy to connect distributed workforces: Softcat’s new build, Giles Travel's office refurbishment or ECWMF's (Weather Centre) legacy integration.

Please get in touch to discuss communication challenges you may have with connecting staff in multiple locations.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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