Are you a Video Conferencing User?

If you are a video conferencing user, you will already be aware that its use is saving you money on travel and that may well have been a key driver in investing in it in the first place.

In this challenging economic climate however, organisations need to look to achieve the best performance from existing resources and we can help you to maximise the savings from the use of your video conferencing systems.


We can provide a unique management tool which will work with all major video conferencing hardware and retrieve data from each of your end points to accurately calculate:

  • All travel costs saved for every single video conference held
  • People hours saved
  • Give utilisation/performance figures for each endpoint in your network
  • Accurately give tonnes of carbon dioxide saved

This solution enables you to get the most from your investment and increase the benefits and savings from your video conferencing communications in a way not previously possible and at a time when being able to make and demonstrate accurate cost savings is important.

Also, a focus on becoming more carbon efficient is becoming much more of an issue for many organisations, in part being driven by government legislation but this may not be uppermost in your current list of priorities. But for those companies or departments for whom being seen to be ‘green’ is more important, this product very accurately calculates the tonnes of carbon saved per endpoint, per branch office or for the company as a whole and this might be invaluable information for the Chairman’s statement in the Corporate Annual Report, or for inclusion in PR or web material! It’s NOT a simple carbon calculator – it’s a very sophisticated model which pulls real time current data (costs etc.) from the web.

All the information is provided in easy to read reports and charts.

To see how this could help you we would be happy to provide a short 15 minute demonstration at your desk, on the phone plus websharing. Please contact or phone Carillion on 01628 419519.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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