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Jamboard and Carillion are all about communication technology solutions

Jamboard is a tried and trusted Google product

Jamboard was released in October 2016 with an operating system that works with the G Suite ecosystem.

The aim of Jamboard is to provide a space in which users can open a "jam" session and collaborate on projects. Any service compatible with G Suite can be performed on any device connected.


Book a free trial now or try before you buy? We'll show you how Jamboard makes people more productive with touchscreen and Coud computing that brightens the workplace.


The Carillion Communications difference

Carillion Communications designs and installs conference facilities and meeting rooms for organisations throughout the UK and around the world.


Carillion always sets out to understand customer needs to help them to find just the right AV performance and price solution. Carillion works with partners like Jamboard who promote technology that helps people to be more productive.


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Carillion promotes Jamboard because our customers love using it. See why for yourself.


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